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Spirit Connection is dedicated to increasing human consciousness and vibration using a combination of practical, spiritual and scientific techniques.  We offer intuitive counseling, hypnotherapy, healing sessions, Mayan astrology readings, past life regressions, guided meditation and life coaching by Sylina Buehne, Ph.D. (“Two Bears’) and Alisha O’Brian, MSN (“Scout”). 

Spirit Connection hosts Soul Medicine Sundays twice monthly at our spiritual center in Canton, GA, adjacent to Harvest Moon Natural Market.

About Sylina Buehne, Ph.D. “Two Bears”

Sylina Buehne, Ph.D.

Sylina “Two Bears” is a Native American shaman and medicine woman of Creek and Cherokee heritage. She was trained in the medicine ways of her Creek ancestors by her grandmother and spent two years studying shamanic techniques and ceremonial practices with the Mayan elders in Guatemala. Sylina has worked as an instructor at the Edgar Cayce Association of Research and Enlightenment, teaching skills for deeper connection and communication with Spirit. She also studied at The Monroe Institute and is a certified Outreach Coordinator for the organization.

Sylina holds a Ph.D. in Herbal Medicine, Master of Science degrees in both Business Management and Organizational Leadership, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

Alisha O'BrianAbout Alisha O’Brian, MSN

Alisha (“Scout”) is a psychic/medium who has experienced spiritual phenomena since she was a young girl, but describes herself as “suddenly psychic.” She has studied energy work and mediumship via The Anastasi System of Psychic Development. Alisha has a Masters degree in Holistic Nutrition and is currently pursuing her Ph.D.